Do you generate content?
No, we consider that, unless you are a journalist, a blogger, in general: a person who main job is creating content, or a celebrity where the content is mainly created by showing day to day activities, there’s no point on creating content. There are a massive amount of high quality content out there on almost every topic. 
Do you advice on not create content at all?
No, if you have something to say, say it! We strongly advise to publish it. But it probably won’t be enough to gain much interactions on your social media network.  
What are the tools that you may apply to my Social Media Network?
Scoop.it, Paper.li, Buffer, Kapost, Hootsuite, Flipboard, BuzzSumo, Linkis, Dlvr.it, Curata, Themeefy, ContentGems, Juxtapost, Addict-o-matic, Post Planner, Feedly, Learnist, Kuratur, Zemanta, Sniply, Triberr, elink, Pearltrees, Thinglink, PublishThis, Bundle Post, Trapit, Waywire Enterprise,Spundge (just for clients in the financing market), Listly, RebelMouse, among others. And we are constantly testing new tools.
May you change the selected tools for my social media network?
Yes, we periodically do this. And we may propose to use new ones, to change them or even to increase the number of ones in use. 
Is the content relevant to my business?
Yes, it should be. Otherwise it will not attract your customer’s interests, which is exactly the goal of this service.
Can I suggest sources for the content? 
Yes, we actually ask for content sources to our clients. You know your business better than anyone and you know what sources are relevant to your customers. But, if you are not sure about these sources, we will make the first selection. Then, we will work with you to select new ones if we need them. 
Do I have to give you access to my Social Media Channels?
Yes, otherwise we could not make posts in your network.
Do you use all the tools you mention?
It depends on each case and on the selected plan. The more tools, the more interactions, the more business for our clients.
Do you pay for the tool you use?
Yes, we do in most cases. While we use some free versions of some of the tools, usually the the most valued features are in the non-free plans.
Do you use unauthorized tools?
NO, we use only well known tools, and mainly, the most popular ones.
Do you boost any Social Media Channel?
No, we do not promote anything featuring gambling, drugs, pornography, or abusive content. Read our Terms of Service for further details.
Do you promote product/services in any country?
We promote products/services in most countries. Xetica LLC being a US company, we DO NOT promote products/services from sanctioned persons, entities, or in sanctioned countries.
Please refer to: https://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/sanctions/SDN-List/Pages/default.aspx for more specific details.
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